A homosexual who beats his lil purple pen, BEAT
I wanna randy my pen
by Leroy12 January 20, 2010
A word fat people use when they are too stupid to speak real enlish.
That kid is randy
by jeffisfat November 19, 2008
A person that hangs out with you alot, but is not a core member of your group. Short for random.
Guy 1: This party is kickin'. I'm going to try to nail a randy.
Guy 2: Good idea, that way it won't get back to Sheila.
by Joel TK May 27, 2005
a shorter way to say random, coincidental, unexpected
ayee ernest that message was hella randy.
by ernestcapalla August 20, 2007
someone who walks like a duck.
"dude, you walk like randy."
by annnonnnyyymouss May 08, 2008
Originating from the character Randy from "Trailer Park Boys" it is usally a nickname deemed on someone who is being annoying our getting on your nerves. Mostly associated with phrases that involve fighting with your pants off, eating cheese burgers, and wearing no shirts while having an oversized gut.
"Put a fucking shirt on Randy"
"Oh no Randy is getting serious, gonna take his pants off soon"
"Why don't you go have another cheeseburger Randy"
OR straight up
"Fuck off Randy"
by JBellzy May 28, 2007
a ghostly duck.
someone who doesn't have internet and nothing better to do so he jacks off in his closet, then when someone walks in he says there was a ghost, and he left his ectoplasm all over the walls.
josh:"randy wtf have you been doing in here?!"

randy"it was a ghost, i swear! And he left his ectoplasm!"
by ?!?! May 08, 2008

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