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Combination of two words Rancho (ranch) + Cholo (Homie)
Recently arrived Mexicans from small ranch villages, who arriving to the U.S, over-exaggerate with the cholo outfits: oversize khaki dickies with long belt, XXL jersey with a 13 or Los Angeles , and some converse shoes.
This is done because they want to blend in with the local population, not realizing everyone doesn't dress like a gangster. Even the homies laugh at them, sad.
The other day that rancholo was maddoggin, asking ME where I was from with his broken English. I couldn't stop laughing.
by Pedro Butter November 15, 2010
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A mexican ranchero cholo.
A Rancholo Ussually wears a hat smaller than his head, pointy boots, big ass belt buckle, bald headed and tattooed. Mexican Urban Cowboy
by Yeah!! February 28, 2014

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