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A city located within "the bubble." A place where lots of old retired people live. Broomstickings and thong checkings are encouraged at RBHS. The rich people live in the trails and the only thing open past ten is the rite aid in the neighboring town of CMR.
alex trebec: where does the largest population of old people in the US like to hang out?
contestant: what is the VONS in RB
by Alex J February 27, 2005
A mid-sized town located near San Diego consisting of mostly middle classed citizens and a few rich folk living in the Trails. The Youth of the city are usually students from the local high school Rancho Bernardo High or the middle school Bernardo Heights. The city is home to many elderly folk; however, there are many hoodlums that roam the town and act like they are gangsters. The students will usually throw large parties consisting of vast amounts of alcohol consumption, large amounts of drug abuse, and statutory rape. The town also experienced a very big catastrophic event in 2007. A large fire burned down hundreds of houses, mostly in Westwood. The females in RB are very unique. Varying from emo, preppy, wanna-be gangster, and nerds, the females are usually all talk. Fear of what others think about them, the girls of RB usually act and talk as if they were all for sexually interacting with the males, but when the time comes they are just all make out sluts. Rancho Bernardo used to be known for its football and baseball teams but both sports are heading into a downward spiral. The attractive females of the school are usually prude and transfers that reside in Sabre Springs. The male students usually act really tough but will never fight. So if you're looking to get cross faded, make out with a 15 year old girl whose father secretly abuses her, and get into a drunk driving accident, come on down to Rancho Bernardo.
"Fuck bro theres nothing going down tonight"
"I know Rancho Bernardo is fucking gay"
"Lets call up some whores"
"Fuck that i don't feel like getting blue balls"
by HotPocketFresh July 10, 2008
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