When opening a door only to puke on the otherside.
"What's Doug doing?" "He's just ranching" "F'in girl"
by dialect October 19, 2009
Top Definition
Once you cumm inside your partner's mouth she/he will spit it up into the air. You try to catch it in your mouth then you make the choice to spit or swallow.
This girl taught me how to ranch, we were Ranching all night.
by Sugar Daddy K February 04, 2009
The act involves your erected meat stick tickling the prostate gland of a pony. This can be any pony, but the pony must be alive, and it must be conscious you sick bastard. When you have almost reached point of testicular eruption, withdraw your manhood, position yourself to the side of the pony and swing your dick so your pearly mess arcs towards the neck of the pony. The object here is to try and lasso the pony with your baby gravy. Having your sperm beam loop around the pony's neck equals success.
After a long hard day at work, nothing relaxes me more than a drive through the countryside and going ranching.
by The J011y R4ch3r November 04, 2013
When you jizz in the anus and drink it out with a straw. The bits of feces mixed with the semen looks like ranch dressing
snowballing isn't flavorful enough so I added some bacon bits, so I have upgraded to ranching
by ENKELIZE December 17, 2015
Manipulating younger girls for pleasure because they are much easier and want you because your older. And not like a pedophile kind of way.
Seniors macking on girls from the juniors all the way to freshmen.

"Did you see Johnny ranching on those sophomores! They want his dick!"
by Miguel Led January 04, 2010
Having your sister drop you dome while cutting your front lawn on your ride on tractor. See Road Head
My sister stopped by while i was mowin' the lawn yesterday, ended up Ranching for a good hour!
by ZNorton January 25, 2009
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