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A Website made by kids in Pinellas county who live on a street called Ranch Road. They made short somewhat gay movies that show their sense of humor. They used to be popular among the middle school crowd in the East Lake Area a few years back. Members include kids by the name of Kyle, Mike, Travis, Dylan, Chris, Ben, Alex, Matt, Kevin and others. Who also go by nicknames suck as Meat, Piggy, Captain T, Andksipper2, and Lopez.

Before their website started to lose numbers many members of the Ranch Road Mafia played on an assortment of Paintball teams who placed high in NPPL, PSP and many other local events. Teams such as RRPB, Skinny Mikes Dream Team, Demolition, DBZ Kids, and other short lived team names. Many of them also Refereed at a local Paintball establishment by the name of Thunder Bay managed by a 50 year old drunken sex perv named Herb who served time in prison for running stolen cars and Guns threw the Mexican border. Thunder Bay has since been closed down and moved.

Recently the Ranch Road Mafia has lost its fan base and moved on to just hosting an assortment of parties in the East Lake area as well as recently creating their own Beer Pong Team.

Many times they pull pranks on local residents and are known by local authorities as the Ranch Road Mafia. They are known for fireworks, ding dong ditching, squirting Elementary school kids as they get off their bus with squirt guns, and other things that resulted in police coming to ranch road. However only two of the members have actually been in "trouble with the law." One for trespassing and the other for burning a small section of the Brooker Creek Preserve down with a lighter.

Ex. 1
Kid 1 - "Did you see the new Ranch Road Mafia movie?"
Kid 2 - "Yeah, It was funny, but kinda gay."

Ex. 2
Student 1 - "You going to Ranch Road to party tonight?"
Student 2 - "Hell Yeah, i'm gonna get Crunk tonight."
by Travis Schroder, September 16, 2007
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