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A Person who is very kind,sweet,caring,outgoing. Would do anything to make a person smile. Is Random most of the time and has a big apatite. His appearance may deceive what you think he can and cannot do. Mostly just a person who brightens up peoples days, even when hes having a bad one. Also is shy at some points but gets over them. Also likes meeting new people.
Ramses is Crazyyy..

He was a ramsess.
by SecondsToLivee November 23, 2011
An old condom brand. Slang for a really old/expired condom. Used in the second season of Californication.
Lew Ashby: "You got a rubber on you?"

Hank Moody: "I think I got the Ramses in my wallet from high school, but I'm pretty sure it's expired."
by Oshee August 11, 2009
The Best!
Pronounced ram-sAs
Person 1: Tiger woods may be the greatest golfer of all time

Person 2: Yes, I agree he is ramses.
by Rusto Johnson June 16, 2008
noun. a t-shirt that is worn on the head in a way that makes the wearer resemble king Ramses, the Egyptian pharaoh. it should be noted that a t-shirt worn, or intended to be worn in any other way is not a ramses.
was that drummer rocking the ramses in there?

give me two seconds. I need to get a fresh ramses.
by afgq January 08, 2009