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A term that collectively refers to all the TV shows featuring Gordon Ramsay. That includes Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, The F Word, MasterChef, and Hotel Hell. All of them feature Gordon Ramsay being Gordon Ramsay. He's one of the best chefs in the world and has extremely high standards. When he encounters stupidity or bad food, he bluntly — if not furiously — calls it out, and he's perfectly willing to make a scene in the process. In America, Ramsey World is on the air almost year-round: at least one show will be on at any time; and when one of the shows featuring Ramsey goes on hiatus, the new season of one of the other series will premiere within a couple of weeks at most.
Right now, Hell's Kitchen is about halfway through the season. Kitchen Nightmares just ended, the new season of MasterChef is about to start, and there'll be a new season of Hotel Hell at some point; so Ramsay World is going to be on for at least several more months.
by Daedalus Suburbanus May 21, 2013
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