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1. A word that describes having sex on a treadmill. Apparently, 'slow walk' is an appealing setting that will not give your ass carpet burn that chafes like a hotplate to the lower ballsack. It is commonly used by nymphomaniac/fitnessmaniac Richard Simmons, during associations involving large cops in thongs, and a smothering of K&Y jelly.
2. A word that ADD afflicted Chat-Room addict DrugAbuse, used because his keyboard is from Dell, and Dell sucks.
1. Dave- I was ramplin' Cheryl last night, but I forgot to set it to slow walk, so I had to rube Vaseline all over my balls and my ass.
Sam- You're not my friend anymore.
2. DrugAbuse- Nah, I'm just ramplin'
DrugAbuse- Oh crap, typo. Stupid Dell.
by DrugAbuse June 27, 2008

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