A skinny dirty-ass alien-looking mexican from kansas with no real life friends that gets on online and makes sex jokes. A rampage is know to say he has a big dick and ask others to suck it. This is just to cover up the fact he has a small dick and sucks quite of bit of cock himself.
Rampage: "Hey, Ryan want to suck my cock."
Ryan: "Alright, just let me get my glasses."
by D Y L A N September 25, 2010
When 3 guys are all doing a broad at once. Comes from the video game Rampage that allowed 3 players at a time.
Me and Jimmy and Stewie all wheeled this B-rod last night, it was a rampage!
by saltcock October 19, 2004
An elite MMORPG guild, a group of online RPG gamers playing "World of Warcraft" on the european server "Sunstrider". Created initially by Sunman in October 1995, Rampage has served under 5 guild masters since then (Thalionmell, Gildamesh, Brynn, Avarien and McButt respectively). Although millions of gamers all over the world participate in numerous guilds playing thier respective online games, Rampage strangely shines brighter despite numerous setbacks and corruption aptly coining the term "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger". This has led to the belief that while other arguably "more elite" guilds rise and fall, the story of Rampage is one of slow but steady increased stability. This is thanks to the solid core of Rampage members, who have worked to create what exists now, and in an ever evolving gaming world, Rampage continues to go from strength to strength.
"You want back into Rampage? Suprise suprise..."
"Rampage will outlive us all"
by James Boyce May 05, 2006

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