girl that comes to a skatepark to try to hook up with the kids there.
"That girl is up here everyday man trying to get with one of us."

"What a ramptramp."
by gregd November 30, 2007
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A FedEx Employee who choose's to conduct sexual relations with the majority of their work group
by Qdoba Addict December 09, 2006
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1.It is a person in FMX whome specializes in tricks done on wooden or metal ramps.
2.A person whome pefers to ride ramps instead of natural terreian
Dude 1. Dude that guy just did a sweet whip.

Dude 2.Bro that guy is such a ramp tramp id like to see that pussy do soem of his tricks on a few natural terreian jumps.
by The Real Jesse James December 10, 2007
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A name that guys at a skatepark will call any female they see hanging out there. Typically, it's because the girl has rejected or friend zoned them. Regardless of whether she's actually a tramp or not, the butthurt guys will call her this.
"Dude, she's such a ramp tramp. she'll come here all day and talk to me, but won't fuck me."
by rodman February 16, 2017
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Teen girls are usually go to the skate park to hang out with their guy friends or boyfriends who are skateboarding or biking. Then other males who aren't getting the attention from the girls get mad decide to call them ramp tramps. But they don't understand girls don't give a shit they find it humouring!
"Hey guys look the ramp tramps are back"
by The secret ramp tramp August 27, 2016
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