A name giving to the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. Welcoming and thoughtful Ramona is the girl everyone one wants to meet, but few really know. Why? That can’t be answered because she is sincerely one of the most kindhearted people they could possibly find in the world today. Long black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes that look black together with her amazing tan skin set Ramona apart from others. A sweet smile, lovely voice, and pure heart make her a must in everyone’s life. Amazing taste in music, clever, and driven, she will be someone of great acknowledgment, she’s going to make a difference and change the world. Uninfluenced from others and always thinking with a clear mind she is the best at giving advice. She is there to stand up for herself and others. Her kind ways are sometimes taken advantage of but she learns from her past and is heading to a bright tomorrow. If you meet her, you remember her, and think of her often. She is the pretty girl with the best personality. She is the girl that you stared at in class. The girl that once you met her you can’t help but liked her. The best secret keeper. She is the definition of a good person. Also answers to Mona.
a: whos that girl over there.
b: thats ramona.
a: she seems like she is so sweet.
b: haha, because she is, i can't think of one bad thing to say about her.
#ramona #mona #awesome #amazing #pretty #friend #beautiful
by fallingfeeling April 18, 2011
Crazy type of woman who likes to control men. Mainly used in Kent, England.
Careful, that woman is a bit of a ramona
#ramona #mona #remona #rimona #romona
by SparklyGirl February 24, 2009
1. Usually a sporty gal who does awesome in school and is quite beautiful. She is very hectic and vigorous with what she does, but overall, she is a laid back gal who loves country music more than anyone on earth. She has a sensible style of clothing and is soft-hearted once you meet her.

2. She is a bossy gal who has no time on her hands to breathe with her schedules. She is loud and aggressive. She is sometimes cold-hearted and weird, sometimes mean and crazy, sometimes funny, and out-there. Overall, she is a crazy liar.
Did you see Ramona and her cute shirt?
#style #sport #happy #weird #mean
by ypoukon February 06, 2010
A girl who loves Chinese men and thinks Kyla is cooler than herself. Also hates toast, or anything associated with toast.
"Oooooh, Chung Wong is hawt, Ramona x Chung Wong <3"
"Kyla, you are cooler than me."
#toast #chinese #kyla #is #cooler #than #ramona
by Justbefriendsallwegottado August 27, 2011
A small town located in San Diego County, that is known for hicks and or rednecks and 4H. Most of the time associated with negative views for having nothing but farming and bro's.
I want to move out of Ramona because there is nothing to do here.

Ramona is a small town with a lot of farming, and it smells.
#ramona #town #san diego #bro #farming
by Matroska September 26, 2009
Tall, blonde, attractive, smells like potatoes, good at basketball, and is nice to MOST people. Will most likely end up with a guy that's name starts with a "G"
"Ramona, you're soooooo awesome!"
#mona #remona #ramona #cheese #carol
by laklsdjfio February 03, 2010
A hobo whore who only cares about getting it in. Enjoys ruining friendships, backstabbing and cheating on her boyfriend. two faced,unloved, and is a slut.
have you seen what she wearing?
yeah she looks like a total ramona.
#slut #cunt #twat #whore #backstabbing #cum cumpster
by Exfriend29424 April 29, 2011
totally tall white chick who pretends she's black. Smells like alcohol and loves cheese. Has many nicknames and very weird. Loves mexicans. Thinks that anyone who's name ends with "el" is supper sexy and will do anything to get with them.
every one says "i'm white", but i all i see is black.

stop being such a Ramona
#black #white #stupid #cheese #nicknames
by Kay Esskay February 03, 2010
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