In Scotland, a rammy often refers to a party, often drunken. General nonsense and (mild) bad behaviour.
We're going round to Al's house this weekend - going to have a real rammy.
by Lopsy January 30, 2009
Top Definition
A Rammy is an inhabitant of Ramsbottom
Characterised by a parochial attitude to life and a belief that Bury is a good place for a night out. Most inhabitants have been no further than Manchester,unless they have spent a week on the Algarve in the belief that they are in Spain. Alcohol dulls them to the pain of life in their beloved Ramsbottom
They say Rammy, because their spelling is not up to the task of spelling Ramsbottom correctly
Rammy to fellow Rammy "Hey Fred , Let's get wasted tonight ! Let's do the Rammy mile"
Letter to local paper " I were digussted to reed a Rammy bein slaged of as iliturate in ewer pile a shite last weak,dont rite about wot ewe dont no abowt " Sined ..A Prowd Rammy
by Walterfromedenfield October 23, 2008
Short word for rambunctious. Being rowdy and out of control...
Your behaviour is a bit crazy and high strung lately, why you being so rammy?
by Wallflower_m$ December 03, 2015
A manner of behavior that is very rough, thoughtless, and potentially dangerous
The boy was so rammy when he opened the refrigerator, that he knocked over everything on the top shelf before he found the milk jug.
by Nynbern Follower February 09, 2010
In a state of extreme sexual arousal.
Man your cat sure is rammy today.
by TotallyParty March 17, 2010
Slang for refundable glass soda bottle, particularly common in West Central Scotland. Originates from a period when empty glass jam jars could be returned to the place of purchase and used as a form of currency, later the jars could be used in many other places including local cinema houses etc to pay for entry. The jam jars were known as 'Jammies', 'Jamys', refundable soda bottles borrowed the name.
I'll take these rammy's to the shop.

(This word has nothing to do with a local legend in Coatbridge (Kirkshaws) regarding an Indian Fella who was reknown for collecting returnable bottles, the word was in use long before his time)
by Scottish Historian March 08, 2009
In the West Midlands of England this is used to mean 'dirty'.

It can also be used to describe someone quite dirty, or smelly, by calling them a 'rammer'.
Your fridge needs cleaning, it's fucking rammy!

And you need to wash your clothes you fucking rammer!
by Garry1982 February 29, 2008
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