New German Hardness band.
Rammstein is one of the most successful german "Dance Metal" or "New German Hardness" bands formed in 1994.
by Peaceful Mind April 19, 2015
Crazy pyromaniac dwarves that work the mines under Snow White's house
Rammstein members get spanked by a ten foot tall snow white, which is cool.
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
A Metal/Industrial band from Germany. This word is often used in place of the word sexy or hot.
Man, that guy is so Rammstein, I soaked my panties!

Is it Rammstein in here, or is it just me?

Baby, if you got any more Rammstein, I'd have to fuck you 24 hours a day!
by Cyndiana August 04, 2004
1- Great German band, not Nazis, just telling truths and deep things.

2- Ramses+Frankenstein=Rammstein
1- We are livi'n in Amerika, Amerika, is wundabarrrrr...

2- Oh no! the pharaoh Ramses parts were given to Frankenstein, now Rammstein has born! LMAO
by U don't need to know December 03, 2005
A band that performs industrial, metal music for people who need to learn to speak German. The majority of their songs are about sex, or politics,
but most of their songs are in German, so no one except Rammstein fans, and people from switzerland can understand them.
,,Rammstein die beste Band von Deutschland"
by Keith Larsen December 03, 2008
As Evanescense is to Nightwish, so Rammstein is to Laibach.
Laibach: "They are Laibach for kids, we are Rammstein for adults."
by Anon Y. Mous December 20, 2004
An epic band who sings mostly about death and other horrible things in a catchy manner. They are sometimes misunderstood as Emo. This is a mistake as they are merely COOKOO BANANAS.

But they sing good songs.

Even know they are in german.
Person 1: That band back there was INSANE.

Person 2: I know I think there name was RAMMSTEIN.
by Rammstein Land November 23, 2010
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