A SExy mexican boy who comes to class every day either high or drunk and hangs out with mexicans, a chill dude, likes to smoke weed, do shrooms, and have fun, usually goes aout with a short girl, has a good taste when coming to girls, skips school alot, he is really smart when he wants to, Every girl has a crush on him. Ramiro is the type of guy that you can fall in love with so fast.
Cesar: Is that a Ramiro smoking weed with his short sexy girlfriend?
by meliani August 17, 2011
Top Definition
A Ramiro is when a guy is super sweet, and hot as hell, he's down right sexy he has a lot of problems but he represents himself as strong, and most other guys feel threatened when they see a Ramiro but when you get to know him he's very sweet, nice, Kind, Caring, shy, he is very a down to earth kind of guy he's the kind of guy where you fall in love fast and a Ramiro only deserves the best girl out there A.K.A Ramiro is Dope he's Beasty no one would f*ck with him.
Sara: woahhh he's such a Ramiro
Maggie: i know he so sweet

Sara: yeah he maybe sweet but look at the other guys they know not to f*ck with him

Maggie: so true i think im in love already
by xx.hello.kitty.xx August 30, 2011
a mexican boy who comes to class every day either high or drunk and hangs out with russians. he enjoys anal sex and tacos.
Is that a Ramiro smoking weed with those Russians?
by Webster's Dictionary Definitio December 18, 2009
A thirsty nigga that always tries to go to clubs and tries to get at girls but he gets rejected all the time, he claims to have so much game and pussy but he doesn't.
Look at that guy getting rejected by all the girls in the club, he might be a Ramiro.
by Omar9800 July 19, 2014

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