It is a smart person who is very good at video games. He rarely tries to attract girls, but when he does its one of the most beautiful girls seen. He lives two sides of a life; a dangerous one and a nice one.
Hey man what kind of a friend do you have?

I have a (Ramin)....
by mcdoanalds im lovin it March 06, 2011
Top Definition
One who is amazing at interpersonal skills as well as who is very good at video games, combining the best of both worlds of introversion and extroversion.
My friend was such a ramin to me, first he beat me at DOTA then he helped me with my problems.
an individual who is able to use any situation to their advantage
my friend is a ramin when he/she is in his/her zone.
by ramin... February 01, 2016
one whos upper body is massive however he has very small legs that will never grow and abs that will never show
my friend is massive but he has ramin type legs
by lara trinkle November 06, 2010
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