Totally delicous noodle soup comes in many flavors. Boil water add noodles and flavor pack and yum a nineteen cent meal!

also called crackhead soup in state prison
Man that nigga smiff stole the crackhead soup(Ramen noodles) out of my cell!
by Steve Thunder February 07, 2009
A kind of cheap noodle what is made by boiling and adding the included powdered flavoring package. Typically eaten by college students.
I am going to get a hundred packs of ramen noodles cuz they are so cheap.
by megamucus September 28, 2009
Ramen=really tasty, therefore, ramen noodles= really tasty noodles
I eat ramen noodles with no water and the whole seasoning packet because I have badass taste-buds.
by mmmartian March 03, 2010
1) Your best friend when your a lazy couch potato and do not want to make a real meal.

2) Something you eat 3 meals a day for weeks on end because you ran out of food

3) The best thing to happen to America
girl 1) yeah, Im on the Ramen Noodle diet

girl 2) huh?

girl 1) its great! I've already gained 5 pounds

girl 2) ....
by britts-NAY January 30, 2010
When a man has a penis that is abnormally like a wet ramen noodle.
Steeve yesterday I woke up and my room mate pranked my by showing me his brothers ramen noodle.
by Christian Aura May 26, 2010
Noun-A person who partakes in extra stupid or odd activities
Verb-The physical act of doing something incredibly stupid or odd
Wow, Steve is such a ramen noodle.
Ben! You're ramen noodling!
by SenioritaAmore October 31, 2010
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