A very sweaty and juciy clitoris.
man that hoe got some nice ramen noodles
by BMoNeYpwnzALLslutz September 25, 2010
Poor people's food.
Hey Kenny, pass the Ramen.
by Jigga Boo July 09, 2003
Good ass noodles that mostly black people eat when theres nothing else in the house to eat.

Also last resort
"There was nothin in the house last night, so i ate some oodles n noodles
by Phil April 02, 2005
The instant noodles that have become a culinary buzzword in America. Overzealous college students throw around terms like "ramen noodles" and "quad" to show how they have adapted to campus life and made it their own. The noodles themselves are actually not very tasty, but college students across America eat them on a daily basis in order to feel more accepted, ala drugs, alcohol, and communism.
College Student 1: Hey, you up for some hacky sack?

College Student 2: Sure, let me finish up my ramen noodles first though.

by letsberealistic April 22, 2006
A term indicating a retardedly cheap yet cool thing
Dude that shirt from Good Will is so the Ramen Noodles!
by Pseudophun November 04, 2005
little thin strips of cardboard
Ramen noodles submerged in hot water for three minutes taste good!
by kwang June 06, 2003
It is pronounced ray-men not rah-men as every body else pronouces it
i would like to eat some raymen noodles tonight
by Don Soulak April 05, 2004
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