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A leader, a guardian, an advisor, a best friend. Someone who stands in the front that is ready for the situation and to lead you into it. Someone ready to fight back for you. Someone who just might give you some sage advice. Lastly, someone who can love you can make it better when needed (and even when its not).
I have known a few Rameen's, and I have noticed they are all 2-faced (one second they might be calm, the next, they're crazy!). Try to get him to be serious, and trust me, he will show the said traits.
by TheKnow-It-All123 May 15, 2008
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A naturally good person at heart, someone who is good, kind, and a protector of people held dear, but Rameens usually try not to show it by actin cool or not-caring, sometimes even mean. But yeah, don't fall for it!
Examples of Signs of a Rameen:
1. Does he help you out sometimes, and then other times he just makes fun of you?
2. Does he try to act cool?
3. Try doing something like pertending to fall down stairs (or something where you are in need of help), and see his reaction. If the entire time he just laughs, or at least doesn't help you, hes not the Rameen kinda guy. If sooner or later, he gets all freaked and does what he can to help, you got yourself a the type of guy you can call 'Rameen.'
by PureBalance111 April 22, 2008
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