That kickass manly feeling you get frrom watching a Rambo movie (preferably the latest one). Usually result in a large (not gay) boner. Also known as the type of boner rambo gets. Its very discreet, since he shows no emotion.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Dude i just saw the newest rambo and got an enormous ramboner.
Guy 2: I would have too if I were you.

Example 2:
(Blonde girl from latest movie touches Rambo's arm)
Bgflm: Did you just pop a-
Rambo: Burmesian's head off? Yea
Bgflm: Oh... thats what i was gonna say...
by Poncho329 September 05, 2011
Top Definition
When watching action movies one becomes aroused due to the sheer manliness of the event.
When that bus full of school children blew up I got a raging Ramboner
by carolejonchris March 03, 2008
A random boner that you get for no reason at all, like nothing has brought it on but you just happen to get one.

not to be mistaken for a real one... :)

You immediately want to RAM it down so now one sees or tuck it into your boxers and make sure it can't be seen easily. very humiliating at public events or family occasions where you feel least aroused or bonerific ;(
(listening to music or any other activity with friend)

what the?....

friend "what"


friend "not cool, man...."
by IEatSTIs October 14, 2009
the douche at work that can do anything by himself; chronic liar; the one upper
Did you here ramboner's story today? What is it this time? He is able to squat his high school max... 1000 pounds.
by My name Mudd September 09, 2009
Having a mega boner in public.
Damn I was thinking about Jane and it gave me a RAMBONER while in school.
by Juan Feliciano February 03, 2008
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