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Rambo Day is a very special day of the year when men congregate together and celebrate their manliness by watching a marathon of Rambo films. It is sometimes confused with the inferior holiday "Valentine’s Day", which, coincidently, happens to fall on the same date.

However, the general awesomeness that is Rambo Day is so omnipresent that Valentine’s Day can be analogized as a candle vis-à-vis Rambo Day’s equatorial afternoon midsummer’s day sun (or, alternatively, a supernova).

In other words, Rambo Day is the Chick Norris of holidays.
"Hey, you're single and want to ignore everything Valentines Day related, right? Want to join our bachelor crowd have a solid Rambo Day? I'll bring the pizza!"
by MalteseFalcon February 14, 2012
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