The nickname of the NFL (National Football League) team that are currently based in St.Louis, Missouri.

The Rams started in Cleveland, Ohio in 1936, moved to Los Angeles, California in 1946 then moved to Anaheim, California in 1980 before finally moving to St.Louis in 1995.

They are the only professional sports team that has won a championship for three different cities (Cleveland in 1945, Los Angeles in 1951 and 1999 in St.Louis).

They were the first professional sports team to move to the West Coast (doing so in 1946) and were also the first NFL team to put an insignia on their helmets.

Their current owner is Stan Kroenke.

Some of their most heralded players include Kurt Warner, Jack Youngblood, Leroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch, Marshall Faulk, David "Deacon" Jones, Eric Dickerson and Isaac Bruce.
Let's all go down to the stadium and watch the Rams kick some San Francisco 49ers butt!
by Hornheadicus Maximus October 18, 2010
1) Random Access Memory
2) verb often used to refer to anal sex, or to start sex with one deep push
3) horny animal
4) the action of being hit by that animal with its head
5) a big dodge
The RAM of my notebook got broken after the freaking ram rammed me in the country. I was so mad that I rammed susie's ass till she cried as a revenge that night...
by OmarC June 07, 2005
the nickname for the currently coca-cola championship (2nd tier) english football team derby county.
"going to the game today? come on you rams!"
by tomthomas June 21, 2005
As of 1995, the Rams have played in St. Louis. They won their first Super Bowl in the '99/00 season under Dick Vermeil. He retired after the season and Mike Martz became the team's head coach, who became famous for his careless challenges, awful clock management, and poor use of timeouts. However, '01/02 Rams were talented enough to make it to the Super Bowl, but lost to the Patriots. As of 2005, Mike Martz is still the coach. The Rams have only had one sub-.500 season under Martz, which I suppose is justification enough for keeping him around.
I would enjoy a thrashing of the Rams at the hands of Seattle. Not the Seahawks, mind you, but the entire city of Seattle, grunge rock and all.
by Diggity Monkeez January 08, 2005
A character from indian mythology. He is known as idol man ever on earth. Ram killed ravan to save his wife and world.
people think Ram was God like Zesus, venus, pluto, saturn, neptune.
by theanil1981 November 14, 2007
Random Access Memory.
We played with the ram before putting it into the computer, hoping we wouldn't statically damage the ($$$) chips. (See ESD)
by Someone else October 15, 2002
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