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1. To be squirrelly;

2. Someone with the nickname Squirrel;
1. Calm down. Don't be so Ralston.
2. Where's Squirrel? I can't find Ralston anywhere.
by SirJigglesAlot January 26, 2010
tight azz suburb of omaha where there's alwayz a party goin on
Where the party goin down?

It's goin down in Ralston tonight.
by CaptainPIMP December 17, 2003
1. a suburb right outside of Omaha.... nothing too exciting there but whatever
2. the place where you can see the best 4th of July parade in Nebraska... I think
Yeah... I live in Ralston. Wazzup?
by JennyCraig666 October 23, 2011
Cutting off one part of a company (usually the income losing divisions) in order to save the whole entity or corporation. See Scripps or Belo. Referene to the climber Aron Ralston who, trapped by a boulder, was forced to cut off his own arm to survive.
E.W. Scripps Co. (NYSE: SSP) today announced its intention to ralston the company. The move separates the still-beating heart of Scripps, its cable-TV and internet shopping sites, from the dead meat, newspapers and local television.
by Kenneth M. Scigulinsky October 16, 2007
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