see "jangler". intent on maintaining bevy of at least 3 beautiful babies who he "really connects with and isn't in love with", and who are on no account to be slutted by others with bigger t-shirts than his tuna-reared self.
ralphie man, you're fucked...
by rayffee October 04, 2003
Doing all sorts of shots at your Stock the Bar party and then leaving getting out of your truck and falling down and not being able to get up. Then throwing up on yourself and passing out on your buddy's floor til your fiance comes home and she also gets sick and falls in a shower.
I got hammered and Ralphied.
by Matt April 30, 2004
Dirty pervert who has sex with twelve year old girls (or boys)
That catholic priest is a real ralphie
by Tom B April 20, 2003
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