A verb used to describe the act of completely butchering a picture or advertisement in Photoshop, specifically in drastically changing the anatomy of a model.

Term originated on PhotoshopDisasters.blogspot.com when a Ralph Lauren ad was posted and criticized, and Ralph Lauren tried to file a ridiculous lawsuit against PSD for it.
The proportion of her head to her pelvis is anatomically impossible; they totally Ralph Lauren'd that picture.
by baroqueanatomy October 07, 2009
Verb: to ralph lauren *something* or *someone*

Definition: to photoshop a model to look thinner than normal humans.

Not to confuse with the fashion guru Ralph Lauren.
Elle Magazine have really succeeded with a ralph lauren. Don't you think? She looks so thin...
Don't do so much ralph lauren on me. I want to look natural. I already have size 0.
by Rune Smith October 16, 2009
A fantastic clothing line designed by Ralph Lauren. Used to be considered classy to wear, but now you have white trash and black people trying to wear it. That and the production of fake RL in China has lead to the downfall of Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is no longer a "thing" for the preps.
Chantel " OMG, ew, look at that white trash trying to wear RL."

Blair " Ahaha, ew, I'm definetly not buying Ralph Lauren anymore."

Chantel " Me either, let's run to Lacoste, before the black people take over that"

Blair " Yes! Let's take my bentley.!"
by Hummahumma February 22, 2011
A brand that used to be exclusive, until things went too far and every Tom, Dick and Harry started buying its products.
Phony Chinese imitations are partly to blame for the downfall of ralph lauren.
by MKBauers October 08, 2006
a culture shock if you live in the boondocks.
i liken it to expensive abercrombie or hollister: the land of douchebags and the shirts with the pre-popped collars.
at ralph lauren do they actually pay people to pop the collars on all the shirts on all the shelves?
by rosenelson07 July 10, 2008
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