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What actor Marcus Toji refers to his genitals.
Would you like to pet Ralph?
by Crispitos September 04, 2003
8 30
A british idiom refering to sex or rape most commonly used in lord of the flies
*ralph punched piggies glasses knocking them of his face and cracking the lense* piggy represents a connection to the outside world because of his incessive need for his aunt and the modern day technology she represents
by THATGUY! September 07, 2005
10 33
Someone to be looked down upon, shamed, or ridiculed in any manner that is degrading.
Person one: Look at that kid! He be tryin to act all coo' wit his g-unit shirt up in this hizzle!
Person two: What a ralph!
by anonymous February 15, 2004
9 32
new term to replace nigga.
whadup ralph
by Pneumonia March 16, 2004
22 46
(Noun) Boob. Often referred to as Boobius in Latin.
Ralph est boobius.
by Bruce W. March 28, 2004
8 33
Ralph Wiggum. The stupidest character on The Simpsons.
It tastes like burning.
by ASESSINO January 30, 2004
78 105
to barf.

only certain people can pull off saying "ralph"
"dude, i just went on the roller coaster and now i'm about to ralph."

"I saw Ben and I almost ralphed."
by Cokey June 08, 2005
164 193