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v. unexpectedly releasing gas from your anus as a result of uncontrollable laughter

n. the gas that is releaseed from your anus as a result of uncotrollable laughter
I almost ralphed when he showed me what was in the bag.

I watch comedies alone, becuase I'm afraid of ralphing in front of people.
by tmack41 September 06, 2007
To see something that makes you want to bat for the other team or turn gay
Everytime I see that Bertha in a sports bra, it makes me want to Ralph
by Russ J November 26, 2007
think of a big number, then add 5 to that number. now, imagine you had that many twinkies. that's 5 more twinkies than the biggest number you could think of. now imagine those twinkies getting up and eating a sandwich. that's ralph.
this sentence is too long for the hugenacity of ralph.
by bre March 08, 2004
To go a step too far.
To overdo something.
To make a humiliating mess of things
I just made a Ralph by knocking over a glass of beer
by Simon Daly March 30, 2008
Adjective. Someone who is exceptionally fat, gay, and annoying.

V. (To Ralph) is to be very gay and annoying at the same time for an extended period of time.

Man he was Ralphing so hard yesterday I had to take a shit on his chest.

Damn he was Ralphing so bad yesterday, I kicked him in the nuts
by David Serodino April 26, 2007
Someone whose entire wardrobe is made up of the Following
1. Ralph Lauren polo shirts (of various colour)
2.long slevved checked shirts
3. Plain Blue Denim Jeans
4. RM William leather boots
5. Deck Shoes
6. Several Ralph Lauren caps.

They are normally from the country and have moved to the city for Uni/College and consider themselves to be superstylin'.
Those Ralphs have a deranged view of fashion.
by Dane January 05, 2005
1)Someone who don't and won't hook a brother up. 2)a guy that enjoys the rusty trombone.
1)Help me out dude. Don't be a ralph.

2)You're smiling like a ralph.
by badrat August 03, 2004