to throw up or to vomit.
"seeing that fatty in a bikini makes me want to ralph"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
Ralph is a really rich young man, who is 25 and still lives with his parents. He likes dark classical music, and has a feet fetish. Doesn't have a job, his parents give him some money every damn month. He is a really cool guy tough, really sweet, but really lazy. Works out a lot, has long, blonde hair and a mustache. Hates the Apple Company.
"Dude, you've been laying in there for hours, you look like a Ralph!"
by riseabove358 October 13, 2011
1. Ralph - name.
2. ralph - to throw up (student slang).
The stupid moron would ralph our bash again!
by indie English June 21, 2011
To vomit, barf, puke or throw up. Describes "driving the porcelain bus" at the toilet as "Ralph" the bus driver from the 50's show The Honeymooner's with Jackie Gleason.
Oh, I think I drank too many shots of tequila, I'm going to ralph for sure.
by CO in Sac December 19, 2009
somebodys father who's a bit creepy and can often be described as "classic".
" Classic Ralph". Need i say more??
by bio08 June 27, 2009
Word used in place of any transitive verb, esp. in reference to coitus.
i'm going to ralph your mother tonight
by The Barnes March 11, 2005
To make a right turn. Usually while driving.
Yo man, hang a ralph at the next light.
by shiznit September 03, 2003

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