Ralph is a really rich young man, who is 25 and still lives with his parents. He likes dark classical music, and has a feet fetish. Doesn't have a job, his parents give him some money every damn month. He is a really cool guy tough, really sweet, but really lazy. Works out a lot, has long, blonde hair and a mustache. Hates the Apple Company.
"Dude, you've been laying in there for hours, you look like a Ralph!"
by riseabove358 October 13, 2011
Ralph is a very interesting specimen. Sometimes, she seems african american, but others she seems, and quite convincingly so, to be an indian (we're talking curry munching, telstra working full blown indian). The common Ralph has anywhere from 22-120 dogs. She also sits home all day, doing nothing except eating pizza and watching porn.
man 1: Look at that Indian! Shes eating pizza
man 2: Look at that Negro! Shes eating pizza
james: That, my friends is no black guy or indian. That, is a Ralph.
by permious prime July 02, 2011
really gay for robots and attracted for teachers attracts douche bags aka Connor destroys relationships
dude that guy is such a ralph
by yomomma12333801 April 13, 2010
foolish; idiotic; retarded or incapable of acting appropriately.
"i used to be good friends with him, but now i just think he's totally ralph."
by newswood June 05, 2009
somebodys father who's a bit creepy and can often be described as "classic".
" Classic Ralph". Need i say more??
by bio08 June 27, 2009
To go a step too far.
To overdo something.
To make a humiliating mess of things
I just did a Ralph by spilling my drink all over the girl I was chatting up.
by Simon Daly March 31, 2008
Word used in place of any transitive verb, esp. in reference to coitus.
i'm going to ralph your mother tonight
by The Barnes March 11, 2005

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