To "ralph" someone - to leave someone high and dry by failing to fulfil your promises.
Wednesday - "I'll make dinner tomorrow"; Sunday - Still waiting for the dinner: to have been ralphed.
by komanchi May 15, 2011
Players. Plain and simple.. They always seem to get their ways when they know that nothing is going to come out of it. Like to cheat on girlfriends, play past girlfriends, and never stick to one girl to being with. Usually treat girls like complete shit and have no respect for them.
Ralph: I am an asshole and a player.

Other person: I know!
by booger1969 May 06, 2011
1.To make love while eating tropical fruite mostly consisting of pineapple, papaya, or coconuts.

2.A homosexual act towards the same gender using a fruit (mostly tropical) as a prop.
Yo dude I ralphed so much last night
Yea? With?
Everyone that I came into contact with!
by Balls McFancy April 10, 2008
to vomit, usually after drinking to clear your system, or before a party to... clear your system.
"Gram, I ate so much, I'm gunna have to ralph before we hit the grad party."
by eebs May 19, 2007
really gay for robots and attracted for teachers attracts douche bags aka Connor destroys relationships
dude that guy is such a ralph
by yomomma12333801 April 13, 2010
to throw up or to vomit.
"seeing that fatty in a bikini makes me want to ralph"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
to vomit, usually accompanied with guttural noise
Did you ralph? OR Is he ralph?
by Bruce April 26, 2003

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