Bulgarian name meaning delphinium species of flower. Delphinium is native to Europe and Siberia. It relates to the Greek word ~Delphis~ meaning ~Dolphin~ referring to the shape of the back of the flower which resembles a Dolphin's snout. It is also said that the Greeks named this flower after Delphinium Apollo, the god of the city of Delphi. Delphinium is a symbol for swiftness and lightness.
A beautiful blue delphinium.. her name is Ralitza.
by mlle. December 29, 2008
Top Definition
Brunette, light eyes, voluptuous lips, cunning mind: a complete package of understated beauty and intellect. A rare breed of woman.
"It's that je ne sais quoi that makes her a ralitza"
by mlle. December 29, 2008
Gypsies that come from Eastern Europe. They're known for selling potions and pillaging villages. They also practice witchcraft and use young children to carry all of their stolen posessions.
girl 1: Are you dressed as a gypsy? you are sooo ralitza!
girl 2: Hell ya! and I'm ready to cast a spell on you too!
by Tashik May 12, 2008
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