a hip hop MC that, although is the greatest MC of all time, is often overlooked by people that dont realize hip hop has been around since before 1995 (the year 2pac joined death row). he was born in wyandach county in long island, new york. he converted to islam at 14. an example of a rapper that didnt have to have a criminal record to be the greatest.
"i take 7 mcs, put em in a line. then add 7 more brothas who think they can rhyme. but itll take 7 more before i go for mine. now thats 21 mcs ate up at the same time."

by the way. this new excuse for hip hop sucks (especially lil wayne).
rakim's "my melody" is the greatest display of lyrical ability ever.
by eboyd32 June 05, 2007
Rakim Allah- Ra
Switch it around, it still comes out Ar. (R)
by Northend September 21, 2003
Rapper who never sweats the technique, and is noted for being classical, too intelligent to be radical. Masterful, never irrelevant , mathematical.
Rakim and Eric B - they so good , that 'scientists try to solve the context, philosophers are wondering what's next'.
by sundarasundara August 10, 2009
the best rapper ever
Kid 1: Eminem's the best rapper of all time!
Me: No, Rakim is.
Kid 1: Who?
Me: Never mind (mutters dumbass)
by realhiphop77 November 07, 2011
sexyiest guy in the world. everyone loves him. really silly.
Girl 1: faints
Girl 2: what just happ...OMG ITS RAKIM faints
by Genius255669 November 03, 2011

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