1. See bukake. When a bunch of men "rain" their penis juice on someone.
2. When you ejaculate from a window, especially a high rise window and "rain" your little "men" towards the ground.
3. Someone, especially a man, who suicides by jumping from a height.
Yeah babies! Cum on me! Rain over me, ya fucking raining men! YEAAH!!

I jizzed from my apartment's window. It was raining men down there.

It was raining men when Jimmy and Marc suicide by throwing themselves off the building.
#raining men #suicide #men #male #guy #sperm #orgasm #cum #dude #man #rain
by related words November 17, 2011
Top Definition
When you masturbate out an open window.
It was totally raining men last night when I saw your sister walking toward the house.
#jerk #off #masturbation #hand job #orgasim
by harlodjordan December 05, 2009
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