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One of the darkest metal songs of all time by Slayer. It's their signature and is played at every one of their shows for a good reason.
Mike:"Dude did you go see Slayer the other night?"
John: "Hell yeah! Raining Blood was good like always!"
#thrash metal #death metal #slayer #reign in blood #metal
by Eric Pfauser November 03, 2007
when having sex with a virgin you go really hard so she bleeds everywhere
Steven - What was it like
Ben - Oh, it was raining blood
#raining blood #blood #rain #virgin #raining
by Harry Carter February 25, 2008
unarguably the pinnacle of morbid sounding heavy metal, written by slayer for their 1986 studio album Reign in Blood.
*raining blood plays*
richard simmons: there's nothing that makes more gayer than slayer. 8-)
#slayer #thrash #heavy metal #reign in blood #jeff hanneman
by dj dustman September 06, 2013
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