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A smallish town in the London Borough of Havering, which has an Essex postcode but is officially part of Greater London since the 60's. The first town you enter after leaving Essex towards London.
One of those places that when asked, proud people say they are from Essex and people trying to make themselves look good say they are from East London.
Just down the road from the infamous hub of chavism Romford.

The newish Channel Tunnel Rail Link Euro Star train thunders through Rainham at high speed, scaring you half to death when you are at the 'normal' train station, although it doesn't stop there.

There is also a place just over the River Thames in Kent called Rainham, which most people from the Essex Rainham don't know about so get confused when people suggest it.
When people don't know Rainham. You just say 'near Romford', the town with everybody knows.
-Where are you from?
-Ah, I know it. It's in Kent isn't it
:What? No!? Its in Essex you idiot!
-OK. Where abouts in Essex is it?
:Near Romford innit.
-Ah, Romford. Say no more.
by MJA88 February 14, 2009
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