An italian television channel who never casts the shows expected.
Tania got very fustrated when she realised that Rai decided not to cast the Italian Sports News, but a cartoon instead.
by Tania-xo August 24, 2006
An Italian word which defines a leader with extraordinary qualities different from all the other leaders.

It is an old Nigerian word used to describe a fearless leader.
Guy1: Have you heard the President of Morocco is planning to achieve world peace in 2 years?
Guy2: Ofcourse! He is a Rai indeed.
by chiwawa69 May 02, 2013

The most advanced TV network in the world which operates mainly in Italy, totally controlled by the government.
Its last innovative and exclusive invention was the introduction in Italy of color broadcasting in 1977.
boy1: hey buddy do you get HD channels there in Italy?
boy2: I get 4:3 RAI channel via analog antenna on a HD-ready TV, is this the same? By the way what in the world is HD?
by fanofme September 11, 2009
A person on IRC that sucks ZeroMantis' eggs.
21:57 * Rai suck Zero's eggs
by RAIKOU February 19, 2005
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