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Hordes of kids with bag packs reigning from the far lands of Raha.Can be identified by skater shoes, and poor hygiene. Scavenge the city for random parties where they can:

a) stash the host's booze in their bag packs
b) start a new civilization thus multiplying their numbers

Usually travel in hordes and appear randomly out of walls, similar to daywalkers. Can pick up a party's scent from miles away through their gipsy sensory organs, will then proceed to invite other Raha tribes until no one inside the house can move.
1) Shit last night there were so many Raha tribes at Tom's party. The booze was gone in 5 minutes. They then proceed to suck water from his garden hose.
2) Last night I was walking to a party, looking over my shoulder I saw Raha tribes following me. They were in the hundreds.
by Brozeidon March 23, 2010

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