Someone who fights like a pussy despite having a significant weight advantage over...well everyone. Occasionally attempts to scratch like a girl and manages to achieve claw marks like a bear.

A Ragopan walks around hugging and lifting up people leaving them smelling of his scent.
A Ragopan secretes a scent 100x more pungent than anything else known to man. 5ml of a Ragopans scent is enough to knock out a baby elephant for several hours.
Person A: hey, how did you get those marks on your face?
Person B: i got in a fight with a bear yesterday...and a Ragopan clawed me for no apparent reason.

Person A: Oh my god what's that smell?
Person B: I saw a Ragopan a few miles a way, might be that.
by harsh words March 28, 2009
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A person with similar social skills to the white stuff found around the edges of the mouth when really thirsty, a Ragopan has tendencies to perspire excessively, wear their shoes sideways and gobble up small insignificant italian individuals.
Do you:

sweat too much

eat too much

eat with your entire face

take a weetabix out the packet, break it in half, and put the other half back

not shower enough, but use loads of deoderant

assume you can get any girl you see

have stupid hair

have stupid ears

obviously have a small penis, but go on about how big it is

listen to loud rock music on your fake ipod

lack basic social decencies

run the 100m in more than 25 seconds

and are you asian?

by well obviously January 19, 2009
noun. A person who lacks control over their eating habits, and is particularly inclined to embrace any person they see, regardless of age, race or gender. In certain instances, their rage can overcome all other instincts, and result in violent outbursts. This can occur with or without provocation.
Person with Italian heritage: "Hey Ragopan! Ur fat!"

Ragopan : "What the fuck!" (proceeds to attack with the intention of murder).

Italian person consequently ends up in hospital.

Ragopan ends up in detention.
by Ron' McD January 15, 2009

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