Very elaborate MMORPG game, despite being around 5 years old. Deep potential of customization and party questing.
w00t!!! just one more Min Gao and I'll become a lv. 99 Assassin Cross in Ragnarok Online...-blue screen of death-.....
WTF!!!!! WTF is going on!!! my laptop doesnt respond!!!
PC repairman: your RAM memory is completely fried, $90...
Me: WTF!!! Curse you, RO!!!
-now installing RO in a desktop PC....;3
by Luis Vicharra March 03, 2007
MMORPG which Spiffy Hamster enjoys playing. Some people are far too addicted. Many bots. However, I really like this game. Playing it right now...
51/37 Battle Acolyte bound to be Monk TODAY.
by Spiffy Hamster May 24, 2004
A MMORPG that attracts emos, wapanese, and immature teens around 14-17. All you'll find are kids that will talk about how horrible their lives are and discuss it on an online game, making everyone uncomfortable. Cheering them up isn't worth it, even when they threaten to quit.

Alot of males tend to act like females. I have no idea why. It creeps me out when they start talking about having their periods. Get a fucking life. It's just a chat room and a silly hat party.
Common Ragnarok online users

Alchemist: OMG HAI!
Stalker: Hai~
Alchemist: NO U D:<
Stalker: NO U!
Alchemist: PEW PEW!!!
Stalker: :<
by K. Lee September 24, 2007
A stupid online game that takes months to gain one level in the final stages, takes 1000's of clicks to use bonus points and extremely addictive shit (worse than drugs). It ruins peoples' lives and turns them into geeks. CS on da other hand is fuckin mad- more killing less shiting.
RO is da biggest piece of addictive shit in da world- your better off smoking pot.
by CS legend December 15, 2004
Technically it is MMORPG in genre. But it is terrible. Full of cheaters, robot players. Turns psudo-nerds into fags.
Original name for the game, I mean rippin' off Norselandic legend and all. World of Warcraft is vastly better, it has 1 more dimention, better graphics, better gameplay. Less utter reliance on potions and more realistic physeques; don't get people in Pajamas taking front from 10 people whilst being immune to all magical damage.
The economy and items on these games are controlled by a few leaders in guilds. The game also includes rigged castle sieges biweekly.
"Where should I go today? The gay bar or Ragnarok Online?"
by Illidan Stormrage March 18, 2006
Not sure, but a definite nerd beacon.
Those without pubes gravitated towards Ragnarok Online.
by TresEquis April 08, 2004
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