Messy, frayed. Un-ordered in appearance or behavior. Resembling a rag.

Originally meant to describe clothing, and so now particulary appropriate as an adjective used to describe any non-clothing article.

First known appearance: Buffalo, New York, Depew train station, as observed by the author, "Portable Road". (Pub. 1999)

"take yo ragly ass up out my place." (Portable Road, 1999)
by jesse November 09, 2004
Top Definition
Colloquial version of "raggedy" common to African-American Vernacular English.
This ol' ragly car ain't worth a col' drink.
by Johnny Morris January 22, 2007
Something that is lacking in coolness in every way.
Plo, dude, quit bein' ragly and don't be afraid to take a sheist in someone else's house
by Raagers October 18, 2004
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