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Messy, frayed. Un-ordered in appearance or behavior. Resembling a rag.

Originally meant to describe clothing, and so now particulary appropriate as an adjective used to describe any non-clothing article.

First known appearance: Buffalo, New York, Depew train station, as observed by the author, "Portable Road". (Pub. 1999)

"take yo ragly ass up out my place." (Portable Road, 1999)
by jesse November 09, 2004
5 4
Colloquial version of "raggedy" common to African-American Vernacular English.
This ol' ragly car ain't worth a col' drink.
by Johnny Morris January 22, 2007
3 1
Something that is lacking in coolness in every way.
Plo, dude, quit bein' ragly and don't be afraid to take a sheist in someone else's house
by Raagers October 18, 2004
2 4