a person who a homosexual that rages about his or her sexuality and he or she doesnt relize they do so. they are the most homo or gay lesbian you could get they also have no life and usually play wow they are major ass bandits
i saw a raging homo whil playing wow wich makes me a raging homo
by fhjahfjdafhjakfhaqjfmax December 16, 2010
Top Definition
A homosexual who embraces the fact that they are queer. Overtly 'camp' and proud of it. Often speak with a lisp and when they get close to you they often 'bar up'.
Straight guy (Dave): 'Hey John how have you been?' Gay man (Cecil): 'Not bad Dave can I stand next to you' Straight guy (Dave): 'OK'
Gay man (Cecil): 'Oooh yum you smell nice Dave ssssssseriousssly'
Straight Guy (Dave): 'Whoa, back up John you 'RAGING HOMO! And what the fuck is with your lisp!'
by Collard October 30, 2007
A common insult used to refer to someone's sexuality. most often used by straight men to put down another.
Sean- "Andrew, why can't you ever leave me the fuck alone?"

Andrew- "Cause you're a raging homo, Sean."
by finiteStA May 07, 2009
a person who is just way over the top of the gay-dar... who loves the cock in there ass also called batty boy!!!!!
holy shit that chap is a raging homo.....

or lorcan is a raging homo
by Hight tower!! January 07, 2009
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