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"Raging Tit Muffins!" is an expletive which can be considered to be synonymous to "Fucking Hell!" and "Oh, Sugar!" and in terms of offensiveness, perfectly bisecting these two expressions, similar to "Oh, bugger!".

Tit muffin is an American English name for a type of quick bread that is baked in small portions shaped like breasts, although they usually are not as sweet as breasts and generally lack frosting, much like breasts. There are many varieties and flavors of tit muffins made with a specific ingredient, the most common being a cherry on top. For example, a recipe in Swedish for "Tuttmuffins" can be found on

There are several other variations, such as "Flaming Tit Muffins!", "Burning Tit Muffins!" and the gold standard amongst tit muffin-related swearing: "Cunting Tit Muffins!".
John has just got ready for a big date with Susan, who has just rung the doorbell. At that very moment, John's pen bursts, spilling so much black ink onto his lap that it looks like a diseased octopus has sicked up on his crotch.

"Raging Tit Muffins!" yelled John.

"John, are you okay?" called Susan, from the other side of the door, her voice filled with concern.
by Bobba99 February 01, 2012
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