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Stands for sharpness and high definition
That picture is as clear as Raghav
by Maruti October 16, 2008
74 53
one with the force
none, none, none, none, none
by none December 14, 2003
112 35
person who has someone always on his mind... Someone special
he's becoming a raghav. All he thinks about is her.
81 32
Huge hip hop/ rnb star Raghav.
You see that girl there? Yeh who she look for? - A Raghav she look for, but what about me and u? - Me dunno!
by Mat October 27, 2004
41 43
A resident of Delhi with no knowledge of Hindi, but an exquisite knowledge of French. Speaks English like a Britisher. Highly meterosexual tendendecies. Favourite phrase is "What rubbish!".
Raghav Kapur is such a Raghav
by Sinha September 07, 2004
71 84