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Raggy Dolls are claimed to be made for children's television on the Yorkshire Television network.

This is partly true. The original idea came from the contents of a rubbish skip in the toy factory in Cushendall, Northern Ireland.

The name "Raggy Dolls" was chosen because a play on the town name became Cushion Dolls, this was deemed as inaccurate, due to the complexity of the shapes.
Producer 1: Them discarded ragged looking dolls would make a great kids programme.

Producer 2: We could call them Cushion Dolls, but they don't look comfortable.

Producer 1: Ok, they are messy, ragged looking lumps of material, how about "The Raggy Dolls?"

Producer 2: Sounds rubbish, but it should work
by Syko. February 27, 2010
A girl who's got her period. If shes all nasty you call her a raggydoll
Brian: J's being a bitch!
Steven: She's such a raggydoll at the moment
by Juggler February 26, 2005

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