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A word that describes a woman's mood when she is on her period and being a complete crazy bitch.
1. I gave this chick a cream pie last night while she was raggin' out. It made her vagina look like a glazed jelly doughnut.

Situation 1:
Man1: What's her problem?

Man2: She must be raggin' out.

Situation 2:

Woman: You need to get a job and actually start supporting yourself and this family.

Man: That is bullshit I am always working hard, especially at school so I can graduate and get a really good job to support this family.

Woman: All you do is play video games.

Man: Look mom I know you are going through menopause right now but you need to stop raggin' out on me.
#period #rag #ragging out #menstruation #crazy bitch
by cmoney55 September 15, 2011
The female equivalent to Bro-ing out (hanging out with your friends).
My girls and I are getting together to watch movies, gossip and rag out.

Last night me and the just ragged out.

I love just raggin' out with the girls.
#rag #raggin #hanging out #bro-ing out #girl time
by Sothpah June 07, 2011
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