a raggy is white trash that walks the streets of torrington or winsted, CT wearing clothes 5 times too big (or small depending on if the raggy is guy or girl). they usually are around the ages of 12-18 and are beginning to overpopulate the streets
ex. im so sick of all the raggies walking the streets i just want to run them over
by jnhsnhslkfhb May 29, 2007
A derogatory term used to classify people who are poor or dress poorly. Also can be used to call someone who acts like a low life. The term probably originated from poor people wearing rags.

The term seems to be used solely by New Englanders.
What a freaking raggie!
by J October 15, 2006
The improper spelling of the word raggy.
You're a raggy if you spell raggy raggie.
by tetrahydrozoline HCI April 28, 2007
Short for "ragdoll", a breed of cat
"My boyfriend and I are going to get a raggie kitten"

"That raggie's paws are huge!"
by Diddsie April 15, 2009
someone who wears the same sweatshirt every day for weeks straight, who doesn't brush their hair and/or teeth (if they have any), who complains too much about their family and how they has no friends, and who talks to people that they know dont like them, just because they are jealous.
"Jessica the raggie has worn that shirt every day this week!"
by dolce_gabanna November 22, 2006
Raggie: A slumish person, who spends their time doing monotonus activties, that seem to have no purpose. a typical raggie, wheres dirty, greezy clothes, outdated clothes that often have old NASCAR superstars on them. Raggies often have cars that are more expensive then their houses. or a car that is worthless. raggies donttake baths, they smell like beef.
most people in Winsted Connecticut
by SteveMiller April 06, 2005

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