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Someone or something that is run down, old, broken, dirty, and or lacks cleanliness
Look at this raggety lookin ho she hasn't bathed in weeks
by Juice Lockwood October 25, 2010
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Trashy, looking like a whore,slut, or prostitute, horny looking; no sense of innocence;
Damn that bitch is raggety!

Yo, you no that bitch Rolanda?

Shes a raggety one on da bed
by Paul the Panda July 15, 2009
A person who's hair resembles that of Raggety Ann.
Sacha: Yo Byron, whats that doll's name? Annie the rag doll, rag doll ann...
Byron: It's Raggety Ann dumbass!
Sacha: Oh right, well you look exactly like her!
by s-pheezy October 31, 2010
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