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Marijuana that has long red hairs. This is usual a sign that the weed is good. Like dank, but more focussed on the red hairs on the ganja.
"I just got some weed, I'm not sure how good it is though" - Julian
"Let me see. Oh that shit looks good, see how raggedy anne it is." - Boss
by Julian Julian May 16, 2007
weed that has long red hairs, like a raggedy anne doll
That marijuana must be good, look at how it's raggedy anne
by Stephanie 3 October 18, 2007
When a red-head rides a guy during sex, but is so drunk she just flops about like a rag doll.
Guy 1: Hey man, how was that girl last night?

Guy 2: It was pretty good, she got on top but was all Raggedy Anne and knocked over my lamp.
by Smirfwit December 03, 2009
A promiscuous woman with moderate looks who is a forgetful lush and is well known within the town she lives.
Man, Ricky got all fucked up and slept with Raggedy-Anne after he carried her home last night.
by Stack May 18, 2004
{Noun} A name that can be used to refer to any woman that is currently ragulating.
Person 1: "What's with her?"

Person 2: "She must be Raggedy Anne"
by Gamertag? September 30, 2006
when your fucking your girl and she's on the rag; you pull out, and give her a mushroom stamp on either cheek, hence; a raggedy-anne
my girl looked embarrassed when she got up off her knees, but it was just the raggedy-anne I had just given her.
by A.D. March 16, 2005
When a man shits in a girls asshole, then the man has anal sex with her, then after the girl gives a bj and the man donkey punches the girl so that she has 2 blobs of shit on her face resembling the rosy cheeks of none other than raggedy anne.
1)"Hey mom did you see my barbie anywhere..?"

"No but i got a raggedy anne last night"

2)John: Bro why are your girlfriend's cheeks covered with shit?

Eddie: I just came back from giving her a raggedy anne

by joey123456789 March 01, 2008
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