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A loud, obnoxious, self-important militant atheist who takes pleasure in demeaning and attacking people because they are religious/can see the good in religion/are able to see the world's complexity. A Ragetheist is typically so mired in their own brand of zealotry and fundamentalism, that they cannot see that they are not doing any good, and only making matters worse in the fight against religious fundamentalism and the oppression of human rights. A Ragetheist can be full of hot air, but this is not entirely necessary. Additionally, the argumentative tactics of Ragetheists usually revolve around claiming that any atheist, or subset thereof, who defends religion cannot be a true atheist. Also, rhetorical devices and misuses of logical fallacies are not uncommon in the Ragetheist repertoire, usually paired with verbal abuse and name-calling. The Ragetheist defends their stance with bland tautologies, for example; "How many atheists do you see calling for jihad or killing people because they are gay?" While there is truth to this, it does nothing to ameliorate or qualify as necessary the negative attitude or disposition that the Ragetheist argues with and affects while being challenged.

see also - "Hatetheist"
I love talking about atheism and and similar topics, but i do not like talking to anyone who displays a "Ragetheist" attitude or spews their tautologies.
by blockblock July 30, 2013
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