someone who parties so hard that they have to get stiches (usually on their knee); one who is always up to "take a shot", "whip their hair" or "dougie" no matter it be in nyc, long island, or miami.
Engeline was such a rager that she accidently hit some glass and had to get some stiches--she was still raging at the ER.
Tiya was such a rager that she tripped in the driveway and fell, only to get up and dougie.
by glam girl December 25, 2010
An overly aroused vagina. During sexual arousal, and particularly the stimulation of the clitoris, the walls of the vagina self-lubricate immensely, causing the soft elastic folds of mucous membrane to become overly and ridiculously wet. Like, dripping.
"Oh my god, Melanie, last night I kept looking up pictures of Jake Gyllenhal and by the end I had the craziest rager."
by AfternoonCheekRiders December 27, 2011
A throbbing hard-on which can only be tamed by pulling a Gary Coleman.
I was in McDonald's one day when I spotted a heffer ordering a Snatchburger. I was so turned on that I had a rager.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004
same as boner
You gonna let me stick this rager in your mouth? slut
by Jubbernaut June 08, 2004
1. The pinnacle of partier. A rager occasionally rolls from Friday to Sunday without sleep, but prefers to go longer. Drugs are always involved.

2. People at a show or party who are having more fun than most.

3. A greeting
1. Taul: "That JD is such a rager"
2. Dave: "Fuck look at those ragers in the front row!"
Kiki: "shut it buzzard"
3. Reno: "Ya ragers"
by Taul January 29, 2005
Pronounced "ray-jah": Maine slang for a large party, usually in the woods, and usually involving multiple kegs, big bonfires, and plenty of ass for all.
"Yo guy, theyah's gonna be a big rager behind my bahn, it's gonna be fuckin' SWEEEEEEET, guy!!!"
by E-Dubs May 29, 2006
An after-show party.
'Dude, why weren't you at the rager last night?'
by Phil Bowman January 17, 2004
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