a party that gets so crazy, people shit on the dance floor
you smell that, bro? ya bro check it out. it was a fuckin rager!
by helicockter March 06, 2011
People who are easily provoked and for no reason hostile to anyone. They usually attempt to provoke people by insulting people without knowing nothing of their victim. Ragers are commonly found on the internet and online games, for they have no life in the real world so they must retreat to their virtual world.
Online gamer "Yay, I killed someone"

Rager "Get a life you F**king noob"

Online gamer "Huh? I'm just enjoying the game you should too :)"

Rager "Your mom"
by Sushi Warrior January 20, 2011
Someone who likes to party.
Person 1: Man, that dude is such a rager!
Person 2: I know, he's been to every party this year!
by lmao342 August 16, 2011
an epic adventure; involving a combination of fire, mayhem, sex or disorderly conduct. usually ran on little sleep and fueled by drugs & alcohol.
5-day rager in Morgantown this weekend, you in?
by IOWA JOHN February 11, 2010
A Raver that listens to Bass Music such as Dubstep and other sub-genes of Bass Music with lots of wubs and drops
My friend June use to be a big raver, house and electro, all day long, but her love of Dubstep made her a genuine Rager
by LicQuyd February 07, 2012
a party that was so hard core, only can be seen in the main line (came from orginal rager: reagan)
Last night was such a rager
by 321 Penguins January 21, 2015
(n.) A party where dancing occurs. Going H.A.M. is necessary.
-Screw girls tonight. I just want to dance.
-Lets go to the rager.
by DJDarthQuaider November 03, 2011

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