Rage Against the Machine, arguably once the most powerful and culturally-relevant societal activist group, used the popular contemporary 'thrash rock' genre of music as a vehicle to attempt to create a broader consciousness of issues pertaining to the mass-media, the power of corporate coercion and the conditioning of Westernised society to create complacency; ultimately allowing for the centralisation of power amongst the fascist State and multi-conglomerate corporations such as the WTO and partisan mass-media organisations such as CBS; the collective Machine. RATM was genuinely unique to the Western media current through their strongly rhetoric lyrics and the formidability of their music.

Perhaps what could be seen as tragic; RATM disbanded at the beginning of the new Century, commonly cited as being due to political differences. Zach de la Rocha, who was evidently the bands most politically aware and zealous member, was often said to have despised the path the band was taking into commercialism; a Western symbol of control which they had always struggled to fight.

Regardless of RATM's downfall, it is generally agreed that the effectual footprint of the band has led to a general intellectual and conscious awakening for a generation born into Twenty-First Century; who are seemingly predestined to a bondage to the will of today's powerful media giant and the fascist State. Zach de la Rocha's political mind-set in the time of the band's apex, and indeed in general, is comparable to that of intellectual Noam Chomsky; who (although marginalised by mainstream media outlets and by the federal state and who is predominantly left unrecognised) is today's most important figure of political dissidence and intellectual disillusionment.
"So sick of complacence now." _Rage Against The Machine
by 6079 August 02, 2006
THE BEST FUCKING BAND TO EVER WALK THE FACE OF THE EARTH. A politically charged revolutionary band fueled by the searing riffs of Tom Morello, the bumping bass of Tim Commeford (aka. Tim Bob, Simmerin' T, Y Tim K, and variuos other aliases), the dramatic lyricks of Zach De La Rocha, and the awesome drums of Brad Wilk.
" GE is gonna' flex and annex the truth, NBC is gonna flex and impose their image on you, all while forcing out ears to go deaf to the screams in the South."
by R master Skazzle fo Razzle January 15, 2004
A group of Harvard grads who got together and made one of the best bands ever. They sung about poltical shit in a way that made you think. They made grat music. They broke up and made Audioslave.
"People of the Sun" is their best song.
Long Live RAGE!!!!
by tsunami January 02, 2005
Popular rap metal band of the 1990s consisting of vocalist Zack de la Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commeford, and drummer Brad Wilk. Broke up in 2001 and changed into Audioslave.
Known for their left-wing political views (and lyrics), and for instigating the nu-metal genre of the late 1990s. Unlike most modern nu-metal bands, however, they included many traditional heavy metal techniques such as guitar riffs and solos.
If you are an anarchist or are just angry with the system you live in, then Rage Against the Machine is the band for you.
by TheEye5000 September 17, 2004
I'm guessing that the "corporate whore" remark got voted off of here already. Fucking excellent. RATM is the greatest group I have ever heard, bar none. If I could choose only one band to listen to the rest of my life, RATM would be it. As for using a major record label, I find in more ironic than bad that they use a corporation to produce and sell their anti-corporate message. Otherwise, they would never have spread the word so well as they have. Just to bad they split up. It blows worse than anything could.
"RATM has th most talented guitar player in the world"
by Johnny B. February 10, 2004
1. v. To rebel, revolt; To actively or passively fight society or the government.

2. v. One of the best and biggest bands of the 90s; in this respect, comparable to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They are the other (see Korn) band that led to the nu-metal explosion of the late 90s. The band is known for its extremist militant left-wing liberal lyrics; in fact, RATM was formed to promote the message of a badly-needed rebellion. They are commonly hated by conservatives and feared by soccer moms. They have been accused of using their popularity to promote a liberal agenda among fans; to those people I merely say: THAT'S THE POINT OF THE BAND, YOU FUCKWIT.

The band was composed of driving force, frontman and rapper Zack de la Rocha, fantastic bass player Timmy C, guitarist extraordinaire Tom Morello and the incomparable drummer Brad Wilk. Timmy, Tom and Brad have since joined with the former lead singer of Soundgarden and become Audioslave.

Rage Against the Machine have a completely unique sound. Rapped lyrics accompany guitars with riffs and solos typical of metal, the bass has a heavy influence on the music, resembling funk, and the drums are reminiscent of hardcore punk, but best described as psycho. They also have a very raw sound when compared to most nu-metal. The first album, slef-titled, bears the disclaimer NO SAMPLES, KEYBOARDS OR SYNTHESIZERS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS RECORDING.

Rage Against the Machine sold out, a severely disappointing fact. Since then, the band has divided, leading to Audioslave and the solo career of Zack de la Rocha. Zack, unlike Audioslave, keeps the intensity and spirit of rebellion in his music.
1. Don't listen to the lies the government tells you, man. Rage against the machine.

2. Don't listen to the lies the government tells you, man. Listen to Rage Against the Machine.
by Switch March 13, 2005
One of the most successful rock bands of the 1990's. They defined the nu-metal genre, with an invigorating blend of rap and rock.

Now, to the downside: RATM was signed to the "evil empire": Epic Records -- the RIAA lawsuit wielding, spyware cd distributing crooks they rail against in their songs, making them millionaires in the process - how's that for irony?

They also introduced the worst fad in decades: "Che Guevara" t-shirts. The man spend his life fighting against capitalism, and little teenage punks buy overpriced t-shirts with his name on it because they associate his image with "rebellion" or "standing up for the people," when they haven't read one history book on his life.

Ignorant RATM fans can downvote this all they'd like, but they still have true fans, like myself, who enjoy their music and their overall goal of raising youth's interest in politics, but realize that they're just as backwards as every other corporate whore band.
Dumb Rage against the Machine fan: Dude, why are you hating on them, man? They're totally not corporate whores!

Me: Can you not see that "EPIC Records" logo on the CD, tard? Epic Records has also signed Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion...how's that "raging" against the machine?
by Che spinning in his grave June 15, 2009
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